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Sketches and Drawings


Sketches and Drawings



Tuscan Street

black micron, blue pencil

While in Cortona, Italy this summer, I was constantly faced with some incredibly steep hills, but I always managed to power through. The narrow streets had buildings and railings at all sorts of angles, accompanied by small cars and plants scattered around, but the thing that stuck out most to me was the amount of cobblestones that covered the ground. For some reason beyond my understanding I decided to illustrate street views with the cobble stones in view, which was a tedious, while also rewarding, task. 

Main Piazza

black micron, blue pencil

I drew this piece while sitting outside of a cafe in Cortona. The angles of the buildings along with the clouds and flags flowing around them created an interesting composition, so I began to draw. 


Bike and Wine

black micron, blue pencil

This motorcycle sat outside a restaurant that I ate at way too often, so I decided to draw it. This was my first cobblestone-filled piece, which began my interest in including them. During the study abroad program, we were able to participate in an exhibition of our works. This opportunity was the first time my work has been presented in a gallery, and this one was international, which was an awesome experience. 


Firenze Window

black micron, blue pencil

While walking around Florence, I was struck by this intense shadow I saw on a wall. The window had a box hanging off of it for plants, but it was empty. The sun was setting as I walked by, which casted a super strong shadow. Shadows form interesting shapes so they always catch my eye.

Art Deco Series 1

black micron, black ink, green ink

This piece was created in a series. Art deco is a style that has always interested me both for the aesthetics but also the time period it was most used. I researched images to get a feeling for the style, then created my sketches for these works. This piece in particular draws inspiration from the architecture of New York, as well as the 40's art deco Hollywood movie premiere feel. 

Art Deco Series 2

black micron, green ink

The second in this series, this work continues the art deco aesthetic. The shapes here are inspired by the signage of Hollywood theater facades.

Art Deco Series 3

black micron, green ink


Art Deco Series 4

black micron, green ink

Figure 1


Figure 2