Animator / Editor / Content Producer



Hi! My name is Alex French and I have an extreme passion for creativity and production - since my childhood, I have always been obsessed with the behind the scenes processes in film and entertainment, and constantly analyze films and animations frame by frame to see how the end product looks under a microscope. Themed entertainment (Walt Disney World, Universal Studios) and both animated and live action films began my love for production, and today I am happy to say these things inspired my current career path.

I am proficient in 3D character animation, motion graphics, editing, cinematography and overall video production. I am continuing my studies into 3D character animation and the principles of animation through Animation Mentor, while contracting and working freelance.

My experience and skills heavily relate to film and video games - I edited video game/mobile application trailers during my time with Cartoon Network, and I am currently aiding in the production of internal campaign videos and motion graphic animations for Cox Enterprises. Along with these, I am working with musicians and artists for visual/video productions, including animated visuals, concert recaps, interviews and social media content.

I am available for full time/freelance/contract work and love taking on new opportunities to further enhance my skills while learning from experienced creatives and production companies!

If you are interested in contacting me, please do not hesitate to email me at:

If you want to hear me speak about my experiences on UGA’s Italy Study Abroad program, check out this awesome video! I shot all the footage in Italy during my time there, and aided in the production of this overall interview piece for UGA’s Office of the Vice President.