Animator / Editor / Content Producer



42" x 30.75"

Spray paints, black micron pens

When assigned with the theme "Flight," my mind went all over the place. After sorting through ideas, I ended up going with three of my favorite things: planes, cities, and rockets. While researching for inspiration, I saw an image of a rocket pack from The Rocketeer and instantly knew the direction I wanted to take this piece. 

Creating this piece was extremely tedious and took the longest out of all the works. Taping off the plane and the figure was the easy part, creating an entire minimal city in perspective was the difficult part. The background gradient from green to blue was done first, then the task of drawing in the city began after that.  


Step 1

When I began this assignment, I thought of planes, radars, rockets, maps, and balloons. The plane above the city, the rocketeer, and the maps interested me the most, so I took those to the next step of this process. The blue square was a sampling with spray paint, which I really enjoyed using on the Earth piece, so I knew I would come back to that. 


Step 2

I created the map with the radar lines on it first, and used watered down tea to create the sepia tone. I really enjoy the look of this and will use this in a later project, but it did not inspire me enough to continue on with the idea. I began drawing the city with the plane, and added the rocketeer into it, creating a composition I could work with. 


Step 3

Once I had step 2 done, I was settled on my composition. The decision to use a green to blue gradient came from experimentation with gradients on a separate sheet, and I was happy with my ability to bleed them together. I taped off the plane and the man, sprayed down the color, and drew the city on after the fact. I enjoyed the process, although it was tedious, and finalized my decision to create this composition. I was told that the wing needed more, so I added in letters and numbers to break up the monotony. A113, a popular reference.