Animator / Editor / Content Producer



33" x 48"

Spray paints, white paint pen

Discards of an Environment: As soon as I heard this theme, I instantly thought of urban decay and the natural environment taking over again. After concepting, I came to an idea that included a city-scape, an underground subway, and a growing tree. Some ideas come through thinking and researching, while others pop into your head at 3 AM and you rush to draw out the basic design before falling back asleep. 

The process for this work began with spraying the gradient over the entire sheet, then applying the white paint pen to draw the piece. Using a ruler helped with straight lines, while all other lines were free-handed. Beginning work on the large version of this piece took forever because I was intimidated by laying down the permanent drawing and possibly messing up, but once I began I worked non-stop. 


Step 1

The initial idea I had turned out to be just about the final version. I woke up at 3 AM and drew a rough sketch of an image that popped into my head. This included a city in perspective, a cross section of the ground, and a subway underneath. The color scheme was a gradient going from dark to light. 


Step 2

After initializing the idea, I was able to take it to a larger scale and create a more fleshed out version. I was considering leaving the top white within the lines of the buildings, but decided against that idea when I got to the full 18x24 version. I had not drawn many trees before, so this was good practice. 


Step 3

Finally, I was onto the larger 18x24 version. I sprayed the gradient, let it dry, then began. I did not use a straight edge for every line here because it was a concept version, but I was able to get my overall idea across and was happy with the result. I really enjoyed this version, but was not happy with the overall quality of the drawing, which is why the final version took so long. I searched for reference photos for all elements involved in the piece so I could accurately depict the drawing. After finishing this version, I sprayed the gradient on the final, then did not touch it until a month later. So basically this giant violet to yellow gradient piece of paper was sitting on my wall staring at me until I actually got to work on it.