Animator / Editor / Content Producer



42" x 42"

Spray paints, white paint pen

The theme for this piece was different than the others; rather than having a single theme, I was assigned to include an array of things in the work, including: chair, table, interior, exterior, flowers, vase, shoe, reflection, animal, and trees. 

This work focused more on taping and spray paint layers, while the white areas are done in white paint pen. Since this theme was more a list of things, I took a freestyle approach to creating it. I had the objects I would use made up before beginning, but the overall layout was up in the air. I had the large piece of paper, and drew out the shoe to begin. After putting that down, I went back to my research images and decided to go with a Dali style: a weird landscape with objects out of place and out of scale, nothing making sense and everything seeming out of place. I began drawing different things all over the place, and made the overall drawing. I began taping off different sections, and this process turned out tougher than expected. I finished this entire piece in about 10 hours non-stop, and kept my mask on the whole time.