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Graphic Design


Graphic Design



An idea proposed by Elon Musk, the Hyperloop is an innovative mode of transportation that would be able to propel passengers from Los Angeles to San Fransisco in 35 minutes, as opposed to the six and a half hour drive by car. This idea, along with many more of Elon Musks's adventures, have greatly influenced me and my interests for works. The composition of this poster follows a retro-futuristic design, with similarities to the Disney ride posters of the parks. 

Created in Illustrator

Interplanetary Transport System

As stated before, Elon Musk and his innovations inspire the works I create. This infographic poster represents the Interplanetary Transport System, a.k.a. the rocket that will take people to Mars and beyond. It is 400 feet tall, the size of a skyscraper, and he wants to send this thing into the depths of space with 42 Raptor Rocket engines. The definition of cool. I decided to illustrate the spaceship above the Stage one booster with the iconic SpaceX logo. I focused on three components of this beast: the ability for landing and reusability (as seen in the many landings of the Falcon 9), propellant (which will be created on Mars through some sort of technique - one being detonating nuclear bombs in orbit above Mar's ice caps to release the water and all the elements into the atmosphere, including the ones need for fuel, boom), and the Raptor Rocket Engine, which is just ridiculously powerful.

created in Photoshop and Illustrator

Advertising Layout Typography 

Mock ads created in my Typography course dealing with spacing in black and white with one in color.

Created in Illustrator and InDesign


Theta Chi Fraternity Shirt

I was commissioned by the president of the Theta Chi Fraternity Chapter here at UGA to design a shirt for their Moocoo Weekend band party. The fraternity house has an iconic tree in their yard, so I chose to incorporate that into the design. 

Created in Illustrator 


One Prop

Spring Break 2016: I went on a snowboarding trip to the southwest corner of Colorado to visit a friend's grandparents home, and had the opportunity to watch his grandfather fly his one prop plane. I brought along a DSLR camera to photograph my trip, and decided to create a vector image of a shot I got out there. 

Created in Illustrator

NY 1977

I have always been interested in the underground subway scene of New York during the 70's. Grimy, dirty, dangerous, all things that repel people, but the culture formed around then was extremely diverse and had interesting ways of handling things. Graffiti was scattered everywhere, and it took major changes in the police tactics to control this situation that got out of control. I enjoy the contrast of black and white work, so I created this monochromatic piece based off a photograph found online.

Created in Illustrator