Character Animator / Filmmaker



UGA Direction Course - Pulp Fiction Short Film

During the Fall of 2016, I was enrolled in a Play Direction course, which focused on working along with actors in order to create a unified production. We were tasked with directing a 15 minute film. I held auditions and casted my production.

For this assignment, I chose to direct a scene from a film I love: Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. This film has a captivating plot that jumps from different points of view, and has extreme tempo shifts that create dynamic scenes throughout the film. 

Working with 5 actors, 2 videographers, and 6 days of shooting at multiple locations proved a difficult task when dealing with schedule conflicts and availability, as well as shooting at the right time of day. We also had to deal with background distractions, such as cars and other sources of light. 

2 of the main actors, Vincent Vega (Russell Scott) and Mia Wallace (Madi Hoover) had never seen Pulp Fiction prior to beginning this process, so I had to work with characterization and the portrayal of the roles in order to get the proper chemistry between all of the actors.

Filmed by: Chris Carson, David Andriate
Edited by: David Andriate, Chris Carson, Alex French
Lighting by: Alex French, Chris Carson

Actors/Actresses: Russell Scott, Madi Hoover, Austyn Doty, Nicole Bradley, Emily Forde 

Stayin' Alive in Italy

SONG CREDIT: The Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive 1977 from Saturday Night Fever. 
Parody loop music video created in Rome and Pisa on study abroad this summer in Italy. Dancing with an iPhone as a speaker through some of the most beautiful monuments created to 70's disco.
Dancer: Austyn Doty
I do not own this song or claim it is mine. Used for parody music video only.
Filmed on Nikon
Loops back to beginning!

Dogs and Wakeboards - UGA Wakeboarding Team Edit

Edit and shots from 2 days of wakeboarding this Fall with members of the UGA Wakeboarding Team in Athens, GA Using a winch to tow the boarders down the Oconee River Song: Rainbows and Waterfalls - Pretty Lights Boarders: Jay McKibben, Austin Kessler, Blake Padgett

Interview - Cortona Study Abroad

The Office of the Vice President for Instruction at The University of Georgia created a profile piece about Cortona Study Abroad, and I had the chance to give an interview about this unforgettable experience. All of the footage from Italy was shot on my Nikon camera as I was exploring the incredible Italian cities and landscapes. The interview was conducted in the Lamar Dodd School of Art in our Cortona exhibition that also displayed my work from the program. 

The memories students make on study abroad trips seem to be irreplaceable. From experiencing different cultures to discovering new friendships, each international program from UGA offers unlimited opportunities for excitement and growth. Alex French, senior in Animation and Film Studies, went on the Cortona Study Abroad program last summer, and he talked with us about his amazing experience.

Video Produced by David Andriate

Shot by David Andriate, Alex French, Joe Lavine, Chris Carson
Sound by David Andriate, Chris Carson
Edited by David Andriate

Snowboarding trip in Arapahoe Basin, Colorado. Filmed on GoPro, powder runs.

Song: People Under the Stairs - The Break Down