Animator / Content Producer
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Alex French - Animation Reel

My animation reel showcasing character performance, cycles, and dialogue/lip syncing.
Song: Time is the Enemy - Quantic
I do not claim any of the models or audio as my own, all for student/education purposes
Animated in Autodesk Maya

Character Animation Thesis Paper (Page 23 for Character Performance/Acting)

Animation Mentor - Animation Basics Progress Reel (some still works in progress!)
Mentor - Shad Bradbury

Put together this short scene involving two characters in a chase sequence in order to animate a range of motions and cycles (walk, sneak, run, climb, attack, etc.). Inspiration from the great Buster Keaton for the final shot of the short. Cycles based around those from "The Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams. 
Animated in Autodesk Maya; Camera Animation

My final shot for Animation Mentor’s second class - Body Mechanics
Included my video reference and breakdown below:

Created this rotoscope in Adobe Animate. Focus in on human movement and athletic poses in hockey for weight and timing.

Looped rotoscope of Shane O'Neil doing a backside flip
Animate CC

Figure and skateboard provided
Score: John Williams - Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack; I do not own this song or claim it is mine.
Student made animation for character animation
Modeled and animated in Autodesk Maya, Camera Animation

Modeled, rigged telephone model, textured, lit, and animated in Autodesk Maya; Cameras
Inspiration from the Mickey Mouse short Thru the Mirror from 1936

Lift and Throw cycle with Ultimate Bony character

Sneak cycle with Ultimate Bony character

Jump cycle with Ultimate Bony character

Luxo Jr. model provided in class; rigged and animated this shot with interaction with a bouncing ball

I was given this design to animate for video walls around Cox's campus. Animated in After Effects, organization and layering of assets done in Photoshop and Illustrator.
I drew up storyboards on my tablet to plan out the animation and to pitch to the art directors. 

This animatic/animation began with a storyboard project. I created a "How To" story that involved a penguin learning to snowboard. This includes the difficulties involved, and the fact that learning this sport involves a fair amount of crashing and falling. Our goal was to create assets that can easily be manipulated and reused for efficiency. 

While working on this assignment, I recalled I had to make a voice over for the audio. I tasked myself with finishing the whole speech (a daunting 30 seconds) in one take, so I called upon my muse Eminem for some inspiration. Song credit to Eminem for the Lose Yourself instrumental. 
(I won't be offended if you mute it)

I sketched out a storyboard, vectorized it in Illustrator, an created the animatic in After Effects.

Pretty Lights - Wrong Platform Motion graphics
Created in Adobe After Effects

Looped rotoscope of Buster Keaton entering the boxing ring in a fight against gravity
Animate CC

CJ Wilson pitching a baseball
Rotoscoped in Adobe Animate

Motion Graphics piece made utilizing pre-compositions in After Effects.
Made with base AE tools and functions