Animator / Editor / Content Producer
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2017 Senior Thesis - 3D Character Animation Paper


3D Character Animation

3D Character Animation Reel 2018

My animation reel containing examples of body mechanics and performance - showcasing my understanding of the principles of animation and standard animation production techniques (straight ahead, pose to pose).
Animated in Autodesk Maya.

Animation Mentor Progress Reel

Animation Mentor Class 2 Final Shot Breakdown

AM Class 2 Final Shot - Planning, reference sketches

Breakdown of the final for Animation Mentor’s class 2.
Focus on posing, timing and spacing, as well as clear silhouette value and character performance.

2017 Senior Thesis Animation - Chase Sequence

2017 Raiders of the Lost Skateboard Character Animation

2D Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Reel 2018

This is my animated motion graphics reel, which showcases examples of the principles of animation, marketing campaigns, 2D rotoscopes, and concert visuals for musicians.
Animated in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate.

Cartoon Network - Party Dash Game Preview

This is the first game preview that I made during my time with Cartoon Network.
I played the game to understand the gameplay, characters, levels, upgrades/items, etc, then created a shot list and storyboard including key points of the game that would help market the game to the audience. The footage would be captured, and I created the edit from this footage focusing on match on action between cuts for smooth editing.
The end title card was animated in After Effects.

2D Animated Rotoscopes

Pretty Lights Wrong Platform Animation

Animated Motion Graphics for Pretty Lights - Wrong Platform.
Animated in Adobe After Effects.

Cox Enterprises Video Wall - Bee Animation

How To Snowboard Animatic