Animator / Content Producer
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Animation Reel October 2017

This is my animation reel showcasing character performance, cycles, and dialogue/lip syncing.

Song: Time is the Enemy - Quantic

Blake model by Jason Baskin

Ultimate Bony and Ultimate Beefy Models by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin

Street Walk Scene used for beginning sequence

Zombie Rig from Sony Pictures Animation

Dialogue from The Martian with Matt Damon

Character Animation - Chase Scene 

Put together this short scene involving two characters in a chase sequence in order to animate a range of motions and cycles (walk, sneak, run, climb, attack, etc.). 
Inspiration from the great Buster Keaton for the final shot of the short. Cycles based around those from "The Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams. 
Animated in Autodesk Maya, will render this out soon.
Gramatik - The Swing of Justice


Focus in on human movement and athletic poses in hockey for weight and timing.

Rotoscope created in Adobe Animate of CJ Wilson pitching a baseball. Included cloth movement and shifting weights while also shifting perspectives.

Raiders of the Lost Skateboard

Indiana Jones has always been my favorite series of movies. I attempt to find some kind of adventure in every day, and a large part of my life revolves around skateboarding. I created a storyboard which showed our adventurer pulling the classic Raiders move of getting the idol, but threw a twist in. To escape, he must use his skateboard to outrun the giant boulder, but doesn't pay attention to the small things in his way. 

This animation was created for my Character Animation class, which focused on learning the basics of human movements, as well as animating a frightening flour sack for the basic principles in movement. The character was given in class, the skateboard was found online. I created the set, lighting, and animation in Autodesk Maya. 

Score created by John Williams for Raiders of the Lost Ark - Steven Spielberg 

Pretty Lights - Wrong Platform

Pretty Lights - Wrong Platform 

Color palette created in Illustrator, distorted, stylized, and animated in After Effects.

Artist: Pretty Lights - Wrong Platform - Taking Up Your Precious Time

Creating this motion graphic involved matching up the color scheme and pacing of the animation to the rhythm of the song. This animation is intended to tell a story through the aid of the music and visual effects. 

Telephone Animation

This was the first 3D animation I completed. Using Autodesk Maya, I created a model of an old telephone, rigged the skeleton, and then animated the character. I also modeled the entire room, including the Jukebox (the star of the show, a vast 4 seconds on screen), and also textured all objects. Everything in this animation was created by myself.

The inspiration for this stems from my long-standing interest in the classic Mickey cartoons. This old telephone in Through the Looking Glass (1936) has always been a favorite of mine, so I decided to work around that idea. We had created animations to learn the basics of movement and the twelve principles of animation using a Luxo Jr. model (Pixar lamp), so I applied these skills to a character of similar characteristics. The bouncing ball was one of the first assignments we did, so I used those skills as well. 

How To Snowboard - Graphic Tutorial

This animatic/animation began with a storyboard project. I created a "How To" story that involved a penguin learning to snowboard. This includes the difficulties involved, and the fact that learning this sport involves a fair amount of crashing and falling. Our goal was to create assets that can easily be manipulated and reused for efficiency. 

While working on this assignment, I recalled I had to make a voice over for the audio. I tasked myself with finishing the whole speech (a daunting 30 seconds) in one take, so I called upon my muse Eminem for some inspiration. Song credit to Eminem for the Lose Yourself instrumental.

I sketched out a storyboard, vectorized it in Illustrator, an created the animatic in After Effects.