Character Animator / Filmmaker
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Animation Reel

Animation Reel


Character Animation Thesis PDF Link: (Page 23 for Character Acting/Performance research)


Animation Reel 2017

My animation reel showcasing character performance, cycles, and dialogue/lip syncing.

1 - Beefy vs. Bony chase sequence - 2 characters animated, camera animation (6 shots), set scene
2 - Bony lift cycle
3 - Lip Sync - dialogue from The Martian with Matt Damon
4 - Bony sneak cycle
5 - Bony jump cycle
6 - Luxo Jr. and ball interaction
7 - Raiders of the Lost Skateboard - skateboarding character animation (5 shots), modeled scene

Song: Time is the Enemy - Quantic
Blake model by Jason Baskin
Ultimate Bony and Ultimate Beefy Models by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin
Street Walk Scene used for beginning sequence
Zombie Rig from Sony Pictures Animation
Dialogue from The Martian with Matt Damon
Luxo Jr. modeled and provided by professor
I do not claim any of the models or audio as my own, all for student/education purposes

Animated in Autodesk Maya