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Post 1 - Senior Thesis Project - Chase Sequence 1


This blog will mostly focus on the animations I am creating this semester, Fall 2017, during my final semester at the University of Georgia. I am majoring in Computer Animation and Film/Theater Studies, and my thesis project for graduation is a focus on Character Animation, as well as other general areas in animation including Rotoscoping and Camera Animation. I predominately focus on 3D/CG character animation, but I am also working with 2D/puppet animation techniques to broaden my understanding of animation. 

I will be posting the process videos of my animations, including playblasts and pre-rendered videos. 

The video below is one of the pieces in my thesis project: a chase sequence. I chose to do a chase because it allows for multiple characters to animate, different paces of action and actions in general, and camera animations. The characters here go through walk cycles, run cycles, sneak cycles, as well as a climb and acting performances for surprise and disappointment. The end sequence of the character being pulled away by a car is a callback to the silent film actor Buster Keaton. Silent films and actors will be a focus of my thesis because they are able to show emotions and feelings through action alone, a strong part of animation and pantomime. 

This is the first go through I put together this summer before touring the Disney Animation Studios, and I will be posting the updated playblasts as I work on them.