Character Animator / Filmmaker



Things I'm interested in:

Hockey, space, skateboarding, snowboarding, Disney  theme parks, mountains, movies, national parks, cinematography, Indiana Jones, classic cartoons and animation history, photography and film, climbing, Star Wars, Netflix fireplaces, abandoned places, Pretty Lights, reading, retro-futurism,

Things that inspire me:

The Twilight Zone, Mickey Mouse, action/adventure movies, live music, lighting design, SpaceX, theme park design, skateboarding (again), filmmaking techniques, my dog, the west in general, animation, exploration of space, modernism, photography, Buster Keaton, sound design 

Things that scare me:

When I get really involved in a project, I forget about the need for sleep

I like to do a wide range of activities spanning from creating story and character based animations, all the way to being waist deep in powder with a snowboard attached to my feet at 12,000 feet. I have participated in the Disney College Program as a custodian at Hollywood Studios where I was able to improv act and give pseudo-tours around the park for guests, live a summer abroad in Italy, and ventured 3 miles into a cave with a 200 foot mountain inside. If you are looking for someone who is creative, efficient, outgoing, improvisational, passionate, and extremely organized, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I recently graduated from the University of Georgia in December 2017 with a major in Computer Animation and Theater/Film Studies, where I learned animation, film, and theater techniques, as well as participated in an abundant amount of studio art courses. I focused on Character Animation and Filmmaking, and completed my senior thesis project in character animation.

I participated in an interview about UGA's Cortona Study Abroad program, which features an interview of myself along with footage I took during my time across Italy in the summer of 2016.